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Why You Need A Bathroom Vent Fan

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Nobody enjoys unpleasant smells lingering in the bathroom—it makes the experience unnecessarily uncomfortable. A vent fan in the bathroom can exhaust the indoor air and push it outdoors through a metal duct or flexible tube. Vent fans draw out odors and moisture from bathrooms to improve the air quality, and many building codes now require bathrooms to include them.

Here’s why you need a bathroom vent fan, according to a residential electrician company near you:

What is the purpose of a vent fan?

Most people believe that the primary function of a vent fan is to remove bathroom odors, but the most important job that it does is to remove moist, warm air created by using a shower or bathtub. This air can damage the surfaces and fixtures in your bathroom and even encourage the growth of mold. A bathroom without a fan might start smelling musty over time.

Make sure to keep checking for mold growth as well. Humid and warm air creates the perfect environment for microorganisms, mildew, and mold growth. High moisture content can also break down the wall paint, wallboard, and trim. It’s important to have proper ventilation to maintain a healthy and safe bathroom.

How do vent fans work?

A vent fan can be wired to a light fixture’s electrical circuit, with a wall switch and timer that allows the fan to keep running for a certain amount of time. When you turn the fan on, it will draw the bathroom air out through an enclosure and push it through a metal duct or plastic hose that leads to an opening in the vent on your home’s sidewall or roof. A louvered plate keeps the exit point protected when the vent isn’t in use.

Installation tips

You’ll get the most benefits out of your vent fan if you install it in an area where there is a lot of moisture, like near your shower or over your sink. You can position it between the toilet and shower area in an open bathroom, or just center it if your bathroom is very small. You might want to get another vent fan if your toilet is in a secondary, closed-off room.

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