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Why Make The Switch To LED Bulbs

Switch To LED Bulbs - Golden Electrical Service
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Did you know, on average, the carbon footprint for an individual in the US is around 16 tons? With the recent cataclysmic events of climate change unfolding right before our eyes, finding a way to reduce energy emissions is crucial to saving the environment from further damage.

Our carbon footprint is directly linked to the amount of electricity we use in a day. This is why environmentalists are emphasizing using LED bulbs that can help you significantly reduce your carbon emissions and positively impact the planet.

Read ahead to learn why you need to make the switch to LED bulbs right now.

Maximized Efficiency

One of the main reasons why more people use LED bulbs in residential and commercial buildings is their high efficiency.

Unlike traditional bulbs, LED lights are engineered with a heat sink that dissipates all of the generated heat. This allows more energy to convert into light and doesn’t let that heat go to waste. In contrast, 90% of the heat generated in an incandescent bulb is wasted.

LED Bulbs Last Longer

The average LED bulb has a much longer lifespan than a traditional incandescent bulb. This happens because the LED bulbs do not have any working parts that break or burn over time. They are built with substrate semiconductors that consume only a small amount of energy and generate very little heat when illuminated.

They Help You Save the Planet

LED bulbs are not only cost-effective but also an excellent choice to make when it comes to making eco-conscious decisions. Unlike incandescent bulbs, these are made without dangerous chemicals like mercury and can be properly recycled.

They Help You Save the Planet

 LED bulbs hanging from the ceiling.

LED bulbs come in various colors and designs and can be a wonderful addition to any home while adding an eclectic touch to it. They also come in a range of temperatures that will allow you to set the perfect mood lighting in any room of your home.

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