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When to Replace or Upgrade Your Electric Panel

Upgrade Your Electric Panel

Are you having trouble with your home’s electric system frequently? If you are experiencing sparking outlets, burning smells, running out of sockets, flickering or dimming lights, or all of them, it’s time to upgrade your electric panel.

Our home’s electric system consists of wiring, circuit breaker, outlets, and switches that are meant to wear out after a certain time. When the electric system weakens, it starts to show symptoms that are important to notice and take action to avoid severe damage to your property. Here’s how you know when to upgrade your home’s electrical system.

Your Home is Old

If you live in a home at least 25-30 years old, you should definitely call an electrician to upgrade your electric system. The electric systems back then were built according to a much simpler time. The majority of the homes have just one television. There were central lighting instead of the multiple layers people now prefer, and no overflowing gadgets in each room.

Therefore, the electrical system is designed to provide enough electricity to powerless appliances and devices. Since we have grown to rely heavily on technology that munches on electricity, it’s time we realize our home deserves electrical systems that can bear the load.

Constantly Tripping Breakers

Tripping breakers might alarm you with a sudden blackout and a loud sound, but it saves your machines, appliances, and devices from damage and prevents a potential fire in your home. Sudden power surges and dips can harm your valuables. However, a circuit breaker trips when there is a power surge or dip to restrict the damage.

That said, if the circuit breakers start tripping too often, it is a sign that they have weakened and no longer can control the electricity flow.

Your Panels Are Breaker-Free

Anything associated with a “-free” feature is preferred in today’s world due to less reliance on degradable items. For instance, smartphones are button-free, headphones are wireless, and more. However, this doesn’t apply to panels. If your panels are breaker-free, they are old and need to be upgraded.

Old panels consist of fuses that are a fire hazard as we use heavy machinery frequently. As mentioned in the previous point, modern panels have circuit breakers that can cut off the power to a particular area when there is a power surge or dip.

Running out of Outlets

Do you find yourself relying more and more on extension cords? If yes, this is because your electrical panel cannot handle your electricity needs due to increased usage and often end up frying or burning your outlets.

On the other hand, outlets can also fry and burn due to faulty wiring. Your outlets getting dirty and yellowing due to grease and dirt is another thing. But if you find discolored, brown, and black outlets, it means the wiring connected to those outlets has become faulty, creating small fires that burn the outlets. However, the problem goes much deeper than the outlets, and it’s best to upgrade your electric system.

Smells Like Burning

Unless you’ve forgotten the dish on the stove, a burning smell out of nowhere generally leads to faulty wiring or a malfunctioning machine. Your first instinct should be to follow the smell to locate what is causing it. If it’s coming from your electric panel, it is probably because of a failing circuit, potentially leading to a fire.

If the smell goes away shortly, turn off the main power and call an electrician. However, if the smell is overwhelming, it is best to evacuate the home and call 911.

Flickering or Dimming Lights When an Application is Turned On

How often do we see flickering and dimming lights but ignore them as soon as it gets normal? Lights can flicker and dim due to low voltage. However, if it happens when you plug in an appliance, the electrical system is not strong enough to power the machines together.

You should upgrade your system according to your needs to ensure your appliances stay in the best health and there is no safety hazard to you and your family.

Last Few Words

If you notice any of the above signs, your home is in dire need of an upgraded electrical panel. The electricians at Golden Electrical Services have years of experience in the residential, commercial, and industrial zones and are highly qualified to help you with your electricity needs. Contact us at for an electrical inspection of your home.

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