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When to Call an Emergency Electrician in Philadelphia, PA?

Emergency Electrical Service

Are you looking for an emergency electrician in Philadelphia? Electrical problems can be truly disturbing, especially when you don’t know what has caused them. Some of these small issues can lead to massive catastrophes like a huge fire or electrocution, threatening people’s lives and the safety of their properties and belongings. 

But how can you tell what types of issues are more problematic and require an immediate professional response? In this article, we will review certain situations where you should instantly call in a professional electrician for help.

Keep in mind that electricity is a potentially lethal force. So, even in other situations where you suspect something is wrong, it’s always a good idea to consult with an expert and have them fix the problem. Here are some scenarios where calling an emergency electrician in Philadelphia is the best decision:

Emergency Electrician in Philadelphia

1. Circuit Breakers Keep Tripping 

Circuit breakers are electrical safety devices designed to protect the electrical wiring in your house against overloaded electric circuits, ground faults, or short circuits. The breakers can go off for various reasons, but if they are constantly tripping, it’s usually a sign that you are making excessive demands on the circuit.

In this case, you can simply move some electrical appliances to other circuits to avoid overloading the system. But there is another common reason for breakers tripping all the time: Your home has too few circuits. The best way to deal with this problem is to call an emergency electrician in Philadelphia and ask for a service upgrade.

In either case, circuit breakers are fundamental to your safety. All electrical circuits have a specific capacity to handle a level of voltage. Beyond this voltage, there is a serious possibility of an electrical fire.

2. Warm or Hot Power Outlets 

Electrical outlets should never be hot. Warm or hot outlets indicate an electrical system problem. So, if you’ve found your electrical outlets, sockets, or switches are hot to the touch, contact an emergency electrician in Philadelphia immediately. We’ll send a licensed team to examine your wiring and repair broken outlets and circuits.

Remember that worn, broken, cracked, or chipped are all conditions that can compromise your safety and lead to a fire. So, occasionally check how your sockets feel to the touch. If they are not at normal room temperature, contact us.

3. Flickering Lights 

Light flickering is a very common problem, often caused due to a poor connection between a light switch and a bulb. Usually, the problem happens when you plug in a certain appliance and it doesn’t pose any threat. If it happens regularly, try replacing the bulb or repairing the switch. If the flickering light still continues, DON’T ignore it.

Flickering lights can potentially lead to electric shock, electrocution, and sometimes a house fire. This problem may have been caused by an overload on a circuit, faulty wiring, voltage fluctuation, poor and worn wiring, or any other reason. If you are unable to identify the root cause, it is best to leave it to trained professionals.

4. Sparking Outlets

Unlike hot outlets, sparking outlets are not easy to miss. Sometimes, they can even give you a shock, but in many cases, there is nothing to worry about. These non-threatening “normal sparks” happen when the prongs are close enough for the electrical current to reach or make the “jump.”

But that’s not the only reason. Sparking outlets may have been caused by short circuits, hidden leaks, worn-out electrical wiring, overloaded outlets, or poorly installed and maintained outlets. Threatening sparks are often longer that normal sparks and display a yellow color instead of white. 

5. Electrical Burning Smell 

An electrical burning or a “burning plastic” smell is often caused by overheated wires. When wires overheat, the protective materials (insulation) surrounding them begin to wear away and release chemicals. The melted insulation and released chemicals not only smell unpleasant but can also lead to a fire if left unnoticed.

To avoid this problem, you need to avoid anything that can cause an overloaded circuit. For instance, if you have an old house with outdated wiring, you should do a full electrical upgrade before using modern electrical appliances such as washers, dryers, blenders, and microwave ovens. Otherwise, you put the property and the appliances at risk.

6. Flood Damage 

If you just recently experienced a flood or major water leak, make sure to contact an emergency electrician in Philadelphia immediately. The combination of water and electricity is a deadly mix and it is vital to bring in a professional technician to examine all your electrical wiring, cables, and appliances before using them. 

If your home contains aluminum wiring and the floodwater reaches the electrical outlets, in many states you are obligated to replace the wiring of the entire house. But if you use copper wiring, you can only limit repairs to the outlets and cables that were directly impacted by the floodwater.

Overall, If the installation is subject to major rectification because of flood damage or where existing electrical installations are found to be unsafe, you shouldn’t hesitate to call an emergency electrician in Philadelphia.

7. Electrical Buzzing Sound

If you ever noticed an intermittent low-grade humming or electrical buzzing coming from your wiring, plug, or outlets are humming or buzzing, know for sure that it’s not a good thing -unless beehives are moving to your neighborhood! Electrical wire buzzing or humming sounds are a definite warning sign of a serious problem.

The buzzing sound can be caused for a myriad of reasons. It might indicate a problem with your home’s electrical wiring, including your switches or outlets. Or it might be for a few loose screws at a termination point or a more serious wiring problem. Regardless of the reason, make sure to reach out to your local electrician and let them handle the job.

8. Sudden Loss Of Power

And finally, if you ever faced a sudden loss of power in your house, more often than not, it’s a problem that requires more than guesswork. Sudden power outages may result from a problem with city power or with your electricity provider. But if you are the only one in the neighborhood experiencing an outage, call an emergency electrician in Philadelphia to check out the problem.

Before contacting an expert, you can also check your main electric panel. If you have tripped a breaker, one or more of the switches should be turned off. You can simply turn them back on and restore the power. 

If you have a power outage but the fuse box isn’t tripped, the circuit breaker needs to be replaced. You can request a full inspection to prevent problems associated with the circuit, such as exposed/loose wiring, overheating, and unregulated voltage.

Bottom Line

Electrical problems are not a joke. They can not only damage your house appliances and lower their life expectancy but also cause severe problems like a fire that will threaten your own safety. So, if you ever noticed any of the problems mentioned above, ask a professional technician to help you out.

Consult an electrical specialist in Philadelphia

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