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What Are The Differences Between Circuit Breaker And Fuse

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One of the most important parts of installing electric circuits is making sure that your electrical devices are protected. Most homes have both a circuit breaker and fuse—the importance lies in the time and place of usage. From reusability to cost and application, there are many differences between the two devices.

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Circuit breaker

A circuit breaker is a series of electrical switches that prevents your devices from short-circuiting in your home in case of a power overload. When they’re connected and turned on, they allow electricity to pass through as usual. Depending on your jurisdiction, they’re an absolute must for wiring work in homes and businesses.

Circuit breakers are usually installed to serve entire rooms, such as the kitchen. If the power load goes beyond the limits, or your device short-circuits, the circuit breaker will trip and disconnect the device from the power.


A fuse is an electrical device that is inserted between power terminals to connect an electrical device. It’s a simple piece of thin wire that melts in the case of any major disruptions in the flow of electricity. The fuse allows the current to flow normally until there is an overload or power surge. Its wire melts to disconnect your device from the power source so that it doesn’t get ruined.

Due to this, fuses consist of different standard current ratings, such as 13 A, 5 A, and 3 A. the fuse needs to be higher than the device’s current requirements. For example, a device that works at 3 A needs a fuse of 5 A to provide better protection.

The wire is contained within a ceramic or glass casing and put into the housing system. A central fuse protects an entire home and is put into the central fuse box.

What’s the difference?

One major difference between circuit breakers and fuses is that circuit breakers mechanically disconnect the current supply whenever the power load is too high to prevent fires or other problems in connected devices. Meanwhile, fuses keep specific devices safe from damage in case of electricity surges.

A fuse box

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