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Understanding How Commercial Wiring Differs from Residential Wiring

Several open and exposed wires hanging out from holes.

On the surface, a commercial building and a residential property might appear the same. They could have the same architectural style, the same colors, and similar design. However, what lies beyond the surface is what sets the two apart. Commercial and residential properties have different building layers and both have unique electrical wiring.

Commercial and residential electrical usage, its requirements, and its problems are all different from each other. Similarly, their electric wiring has contradicting features that make them suitable for each kind of use.

This means using commercial wiring for residential purposes won’t work and vice versa. Commercial and residential wiring have several differences starting from their quality, the grade, the material used, and how much energy they require to function.

Before you hire a commercial electrician for the job, here are some differences you should know of between the two types of wiring.


The most evident and important difference between the two types is the quality of the wiring that being used. In a house, wires are installed in attics or crawl spaces to reduce exposure and are usually carefully covered. In a commercial building or property, the wiring is exposed. To reduce accidents from these open wires, they are carefully protected in tubes

Easy Access

An electric board with several blue and white wires.

Residential properties require more intense security measures while ensuring that the aesthetic appeal of the house isn’t ruined. This is why all residential wiring in tucked away into attics, crawl spaces, and behind the walls.

However, for a commercial building, the wiring is in easily accessible areas where electrical specialists can easily address a problem.

Electric Load

Residential properties don’t have a high electrical load and therefore have low-intensity wiring around the house. This wiring usually just takes the load for televisions, sound systems, and maybe a fridge or two. Whereas a business location or a commercial building will house high-tech equipment and machinery which would require wiring that can take an excessive electrical load.

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