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Types Of Outdoor Landscape Lighting: 5 Must-Have Fixtures

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Are you tired of pulling into your dark driveway and accidentally running over the same flower bed every time? A dark exterior can make it difficult for you to navigate your way outdoors, make your home look unappealing, and make it easier for any potential intruders to snoop around. According to local residential electricians in Philadelphia, there are many different types of beautiful outdoor landscape lights that can elevate your home’s beauty and keep it safe. These include:


Spotlights are bright lights that only point in one direction, but you can use them in different ways. For example, pointing a spotlight upwards towards the wall can turn it into an uplight, providing a gorgeous wall grazing effect.

These lights are available in a range of brightness and coverage. You can use them to illuminate plants, statues, or patios.


Floodlights are an extremely useful type of outdoor light that can brighten large areas in one go. They’re a type of spotlight with a wide range of coverage and high brightness. Their beam speed goes up to 120 degrees. You can use them to illuminate your patio or driveway from above.

Step lights

Just as the name implies, step lights are incorporated into the stairs—either on the front or against the wall. They make navigating your home in the dark much easier and help prevent any mishaps or injuries.

Bollard lights

Bollard lights are commonly used to accent pathways in a garden or backyard without overpowering the atmosphere. They’re the perfect choice for homeowners who want to illuminate their outdoor area while maintaining a beautiful ambiance. They look like small posts with a light on top—the lack of a light shield means that the light can shine in every direction.

Garden lights

Garden lights are great for incorporating into natural areas to show off your spectacular landscaping skills. They’re like large mushrooms filled with lights—the light is focused downwards and outwards, putting the focus on the plants around it instead of the bulb itself.

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Now that you know about some of the best landscape lighting fixtures to integrate into your outdoor area, it’s time to get in touch with professional residential electricians who can help you out! Golden Electrical Service has experienced residential and commercial electricians in Philadelphia who can adjust the wiring and install the lighting according to your needs and requirements.

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