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Top 4 Types of Light Switches To Choose From

Light Switches - Residential Electricians in Philadelphia
A light switch

A typical electrical system relies on an electrical switch—it makes or breaks the circuit by closing or opening it. Switches are used in almost every electrical appliance to control it or switch it on and off, such as lights and fans.

There are many kinds of light switches that are often used in a lighting circuit. These local residential electricians near me can help you figure out what to use:

Single pole switch

Swingle pole switches are an extremely common type of light switch used in houses. It’s extremely basic and rather inexpensive. Combined with its low cost, easy installation, and straightforward function, single pole switches are majorly used for room lighting around the world. It has a rather simple construction, with a single lever that can be toggled to connect or disconnect the terminal’s wires.

Double pole switch

Double switches are another rather common type of switch—they’re essentially single pole switches, but in a 2-for-1 package. Double pole switches have four contacts and can be controlled by one lever. Due to this, they usually have a much higher ampacity and tend to be used for controlling machinery and other high-power appliances.

Flip switch

One of the first things that come to mind when you talk about switches is the toggle or flip switch. Toggle switches can be found in almost any home in the form of a light switch. The toggle switch is like a pole switch under the surface and has two contacts that can be made or broken by toggling the switch.

Rocker switch

Rocker switches are also called decorative switches in America and are rather common in many parts of Asia and Europe. They function like toggle switches but have a more visually appealing look. Toggle switches have a protruding lever, while rocker switches are a lot flatter and have a larger surface area. They have a very minimal protrusion that minimizes any snagging accidents with jewelry or clothes.

Light switches

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