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Top 3 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Electrical Outlets

An electrical outlet placed on a painted wall.

A damaged, broken, or malfunctioning electrical outlet can cause a large and dangerous incident. According to research, almost 1000 lives are lost annually in the United States due to electrical injuries and incidents.

With these numbers in mind, taking care of electrical equipment, boards, and electrical outlets is extremely important. You need to hire a commercial electrical contractor to assess whether you need changes in your outlets or not. However, in case there’s no electrician available on short notice, here are a few signs you can keep in mind to identify an outlet that needs immediate replacement.

Damaged or Cracked Outlet

We often see damaged and cracked electrical outlets that are working perfectly fine. However, they are extremely dangerous to people and the property. If you ever see a damaged or cracked outlet, you need to hire an emergency electrician and get it replaced. Even if the outlet is working perfectly fine, there is a threat of electrical shocks, loose wiring, or other electricity-related problems.

Outlet Is Loose

Have you ever found an electrical outlet that felt loose or wobbly when you try to plug in one of your devices? That happens when an outlet has been pushed too deeply into the wall or was incorrectly lined up.

A loose outlet can cause disruption in the flow of electrical currents, causing an arc in the electricity. These fluctuations or jumps can put your property and equipment at risk of an electrical fire.

Plugs Fall Out Frequently

A plug is being put into the electrical outlet in the wall.

Electrical outlets have springs that hold the plugs in place when you put them in. However, over time, the springs degrade and become loose. These loose springs cannot hold plugs in place and might end up falling out due to their weight. While this may seem only frustrating, you actually create a spark inside the wall.

Hire Electric Maintenance Experts, Today

Do you have an electrical outlet that is loose, broken, or looks burnt out? It’s time to hire some electrical specialists that can help you replace them in no time. Get in touch with us at Golden Electrical Service. We offer trusted commercial and residential electrical repair services to the residents of Philadelphia.

To hire our experienced commercial electrician company for your electrical worries, contact us today to find out more.

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