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The Dangers of Loose Outlets & How to Fix Them

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Electrical outlets are an integral part of our everyday lives—from charging our phones to keeping our food cold, we’re extremely reliant on outlets to power up our electrical devices. Outlets separate us from the electrical system’s high-voltage currents. It’s important to get them fixed with the help of a professional electric company in case they become loose. Loose outlets disrupt the electricity flow and can cause arcing, which is a huge fire hazard.

Here’s why loose outlets are dangerous:

Floating outlet

All the electrical receptacles in your house need to sit tightly against the wall. If they aren’t lined up in the right manner, the receptacles might only be held up by the cover plates. This plate can’t hold a receptacle in place as you plug and unplug your devices. The constant stress can cause the plate to crack or result in a dangerous electrical fire due to the constant shifts in electrical connections.

How to fix it?

You can fix a floating outlet by getting high-quality electrical spacers and sliding them onto the receptacle’s screws before reattaching them to the wall. You might have to stack multiple spacers to make it fit properly. Next time you plug your device in, you’ll see that the receptacle doesn’t move from its spot.

Recessed outlets

You can face a similar problem if your receptacle is pushed too deep into your wall. In this case, the unit doesn’t rest firmly against the wall; instead, it’s supported by the electrical box that’s behind it. Every time there is any shift in the receptacle’s position, the chance of wires coming loose increases, resulting in an electrical fire.

You can use plastic spacers to fix a recessed outlet as well. Many people also use electrical box extenders—disconnect the receptacle and cover, slide the wires into the extender, attach it to the wall, and reassemble the outlet.

An outlet

Hire an electrical service company in Philadelphia

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