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Remove the Fuses – Switch on the Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers vs. fuses

Traditional fuse panels are installed in older buildings. Usually accompanied by old wiring and insulations, they are not the most reliable options for electrical systems. It is essential to consider switching to more dependable, safer, and more tidy-looking circuit breakers during modern times.

But switching to circuit breakers can be complex and should not be done without proper planning. It also helps to consider a few things when moving over to circuit breakers from fuses.

Why Upgrade

If you have moved into a property governed by traditional fuses, there can be many reasons for switching to circuit breakers. Some people want to mitigate the electrical losses they incur due to dated wiring and components, while others feel that breakers are safer than fuses.

Both systems have their sets of pros and cons. Fuses respond quicker than circuit breakers during a current surge. But circuit breakers are far easier to reset and get the power running. Modern trends and convenience are why circuit breakers have become a popular choice.

Benefits of Upgrading

Switching to circuit breakers from fuses has its own set of benefits. Here are a few of them:

  • Convenience: If you have ever blown a fuse at 2 in the morning, only to learn that you are out of spare fuses, you know how convenient circuit breakers can be. With glass fuses, you always need to keep spares at hand and can be stuck for long periods without power if you are out of fuses. Also, changing fuses is much more challenging than flicking a switch.
  • Flexibility: Most fuses for home use are rated at a maximum of 60 amperes. However, circuit breakers can be found with ratings above 100 amperes. This feature allows for more flexibility, and you can add more load to your home without changing the whole system.
  • Safety: With a blown fuse, you have to pull out the holder and replace the fuse. It can be challenging to identify which fuse is blown for those not used to the system. On the other hand, circuit breakers can easily be detected when they trip.

Before Upgrading

It is essential to understand that electrical upgrades are not simple, and tampering with one area of an electrical system can trigger a series of chain reactions, which can end up replacing the entire system. Following are some things that you need to consider before upgrading.

Unexpected Costs

Most fuse systems were installed in the previous century. They will not usually match the current building codes, so it is best to leave them alone if they are not causing any disturbances. Because tampering with the system can lead the project into a very expensive region, you might also be required to change the wiring and insulations.

Power in the System

A breaker will not determine the power in your system. For instance, if you have an 80-ampere service coming to your home and plan to upgrade it to a 100-amp system, you will need to contact your electricity provider to see if they can give you the higher supply. Your entire system of advanced electrical equipment will become futile if your service provider does not increase the load capacity.

Matched Ratings

It is essential to replace fuses with circuit breakers of the same capacity. If you are removing a 20A fuse, make sure to replace it with a 20A circuit breaker. Changing the capacity of the breaker from the fuse will spell imminent disaster. A lower capacity breaker will repeatedly trip as it will not handle the load. A breaker higher in capacity will not trip even if the current crosses the limits.

Upgrade the Capacity

Like with other home improvement projects, remember to plan for the future. Chances are, you will be adding more appliances and devices to your home in the near future. You will need to keep excess capacity for the additional appliances in the future. It will not make sense to re-upgrade your system just because you purchased a new clothes dryer.

It is not a DIY Project

Switching from fuses to circuit breakers is a complex process that requires a lot of expertise and equipment. You must hire licensed electricians from a reliable company to do the job for you. Do not attempt to upgrade yourself if you are not a qualified electrician, as there is a lot that can go wrong.

Last Few Words

You will come across many decisions and challenges when switching to circuit breakers from fuses. It is essential to plan and ensure that the upgrade is required. It is essential to check everything from the main supply input to the wiring before deciding.

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