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Reasons to Replace Old Wiring in Your Office

An empty office with bright white lights on the ceiling.

Old and damaged wiring can cause short circuits and electrical fires that can severely damage the property and its occupants. Electrical wiring, outlets, and switches become less effective and a life hazard as time passes.

Office buildings get annual maintenance done but rarely perform complete electrical diagnostics to ensure that all wiring, outlets, and equipment are in perfect working condition. With such oversight, it is easier to lose sight of these hazards.

Here are some reasons why your office probably requires a wiring replacement job by some top-quality electrical specialists.

Dimming & Flickering Lights

We often turn a blind eye to flickering lights and don’t take them as a cautionary sign. A dimming or flickering light could signify loose or damaged wiring within the walls. When you experience light dimming or flickering too frequently, you must hire a commercial electrical contractor and have them survey the place.

Ignoring these signs could lead to widespread damage.  

Shocks from Outlets or Switches

 A white switchboard with several switches.

If you open a light and feel a slight shock, it’s time to call in a commercial electrician to check out the old wiring in the building. You might need to call a team and carry out a detailed electrical maintenance job in order to secure the building.

Old wires can start sparks and cause buttons, switches, and boards to heat up and give out small sparks. While they may be unnoticeable, these can cause greater electrical complications in a property.

A Burning Smell

Do you ever notice a burning smell but can’t figure out where it’s coming from? We usually brush off this instinct, but if you ever experience a strong burning smell, you need to check your old wires. A wire may have started to catch fire with the electrical load.

Hire Experienced Electricians in Philadelphia

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We’re an experienced commercial electrician company in Philadelphiaproviding top-notch services to all our clients. Whether you want someone to check your wiring, replace electricity outlets, or more—you can always reach out to us.

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