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Most Dangerous Electrical Hazards In A Commercial Building

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Many businesses overlook the electrical aspect of their commercial building, usually because they’re out of sight. However, electrical hazards are prevalent in commercial buildings, and the employer or owner’s primary obligation is to minimize any risks associated with electrical hazards to make the workspace as safe as possible.

Regular commercial electrical maintenance can help you keep your commercial building in top shape throughout the year. Here are some dangerous electrical hazards that you need to look out for:

Damaged wiring

Damaged wires can put anyone who’s using the electrical line at risk. Electrical wires tend to crack or fray over time due to age, corrosion, extreme heat, or bending. It’s important to stay aware of any signs of aged or faulty wiring:

  • Loose connections
  • Blown fuses regularly
  • Strange odors
  • A crackling or buzzing sound
  • Electrical equipment emitting smoke
  • Dimming lights

It’s easy to prevent electrical fires if you have the necessary skills and knowledge to recognize the signs of damaged wiring. Creating awareness is essential if you want to prevent any disasters.

Overloaded socket

An overloaded socket can cause an electrical fire to break out. Employers need to be able to identify the amount of power a certain appliance requires to run properly. Modern appliances require high amps—the commercial building should upgrade its wiring to meet the power demand.

It’s also important to never plug more than one extension lead into a wall socket. Overloading your sockets can cause an electrical fire to break out in your building. This is because an overload will cause your circuit breaker to trip, which in turn overheats the wiring and melts the layer of plastic insulation.

Portable equipment

Portable electrical devices like kitchen appliances or computers can be dangerous if they aren’t maintained or handled properly, regardless of their voltage or size. Many of the electrical hazards in a commercial building occur because of faulty cables and appliances like exposed parts or loose wiring. This makes it essential to conduct regular tests for your appliances to ensure they’re safe to use.

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