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Is It A Blackout, Brownout, Or Power Surge?

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Did the lights just flicker and go out right after a storm started? Whether it’s a blackout, brownout, or power surge, it will be an inconvenience. However, knowing the root cause of the issue can help you stay prepared for any circumstances you might face. According to professional emergency electricians, here’s all you need to know:


A blackout is a complete loss of electrical power in a certain geographical area. There are many potential causes of blackouts, such as the weather. These unintentional power outages can take much longer to resolve than a brownout, depending on the type of affected network.


A brownout is a sudden drop in the electricity supply that can decrease the voltage. You might notice the lights dimming but not completely turning off during a brownout. While brownouts aren’t complete power outages, they can cause damage to your electrical devices.

Some of the most vulnerable equipment during a brownout include three-phase and induction electrical motors, which can overheat. If you face frequent brownouts, it’s best to install a backup electricity system to provide you with the power that you need while the voltage is low.

Brownouts tend to be planned by utility companies in advance so that they can prevent a blackout from occurring in the near future. Utility companies can predict when there will be a spike in demand for electricity and reduce its use to avoid overloading the power grid.

Power surge

Power surges are extremely detrimental power disturbances that can cause permanent damage to a wide variety of electric appliances. These occur when there are sudden increases in the electrical charge in the power lines. This ‘jump’ can cause the electrical potential energy to spike and increase the level of current that’s flowing into an outlet.

Fortunately, circuit breakers and surge protectors can usually protect you from most of the harmful effects of a power surge. Make sure that you incorporate surge protection into your main switchboard.


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