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How To Put Out An Electrical Fire In 3 Steps

Electrical Fire -Golden Electrical Service
 A fire extinguisher on a white surface.

A report by the National Fire Protection Association reveals that electrical fires are the second most common type of fire experienced by homeowners. Now that winters are almost here; there is an increased risk of fires in homes due to faulty electrical systems. Since people will be spending more time indoors and using lights, it’s likely they don’t know how to identify the signs of an outdated wiring system and can be at risk.

Learning how to put out electrical fires will protect you and enable you to warn others of the dangers of electrical fires and safeguard them with nifty tips.

Here are the steps you need to take in case of an electrical fire.

Unplug The Electrical Device

If a device causes an electrical fire, first and foremost, reach for the insulated cord and safely pull it out of the outlet to unplug it. Whether the fire is in your home or a commercial building, it’s important to first turn off the electricity or unplug any device or machine that might be causing the fire.

This is done to remove the fire source and eliminate the risk of someone getting electrocuted.

Grab The Fire Extinguisher or Sodium Bicarbonate

A fire fighter using a fire extinguisher.

If the fire has spread and their is an emergency, it’s ideal to use a fire extinguisher.

Fire extinguishers are available in different types. Make sure the one you use to put out the electrical fire is labeled Class C.

The Class C fire extinguisher is appropriate for electrical fires since it can tackle Class C blazes. It’s important to verify which type of fire extinguisher you’re using before you use it.

In case the fire is small, use sodium bicarbonate or baking soda. Baking soda cuts off the oxygen being fed into the fire and is the easiest way to smother smaller flames.

Do Not Use Water

Water naturally conducts electricity, and using it on an electrical fire can be extremely dangerous. Putting water on an electrical fire can possibly electrocute someone and ignite flammable materials in the surroundings.

If you cannot extinguish the electrical fire, make sure to take your pets and family and immediately leave your house. Close the door to contain the fire and call 911.

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