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How to Prevent Pets from Chewing Electrical Wires

Pets chewing on electrical wires

Electric cords are nothing like cat food. So, if your pet cat is chewing on electrical wires, you will naturally be concerned. There are many reasons for this behavior from cats, ranging from simple boredom to stress and dental issues.

Whatever the reason, it is not suitable for your cat to chew on anything electric. They risk getting an electric shock and can also ruin your appliance. The good news is that you can prevent them from chewing on electrical wires by addressing the reasons or adding additional protection to the wires.

Why Do Cats Chew On Wires?

If cats could talk, we would know for sure. Until then, we can only make assumptions. Some people think that since the wires remind cats or some small animal’s tail, they like to chew on it. However, this theory fails to explain why a cat continues to chew on the wire once it understands that it is not a tail. Let us look at why a cat chooses to chew on electrical wires.

Dental Problems

If your cat has some pain in their mouth, they might try to relieve the discomfort by gnawing on electrical wires. As cats grow older, they begin to suffer dental issues. If your cat is more than four years old and is chewing on wires, it is best to take them for a dental examination at the vet.


Many cats develop osteoarthritis with age. This disease can significantly affect the movement and activity of the cat. When a cat is partially handicapped, it can feel bored and frustrated. Your cat will find some means to alleviate these symptoms, including taking a bite at electrical wires.


Just like in humans, the stress in cats can lead to a wide variety of odd behaviors. Chewing is one method that cats use to relieve anxiety. They will often chew on weird things, and your electrical wires are on the list.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

OCD can trigger cats to chew on and even eat objects that are inedible. In addition to chewing on cords, your cat might exhibit other unwarranted behaviors. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Repeatedly chasing their tail
  • Grooming is taken to the level that your cat is licking and chewing on the fur so much that it begins to fall off in places
  • Chewing, licking, or eating fabric. Many experts claim that there can be multiple reasons for this behavior, including parting the cat too early from its mother.

Nutritional Deficiency

Cats have powerful instincts. When their system detects any nutrients missing from their diet, they start to chew on all kinds of objects to fulfill the nutrient requirements. Many anemic cats are found to be gnawing on inedible objects.

How to Control the Chewing

It is best to consult your veterinarian whenever your cat displays awkward behavioral changes. Meanwhile, here are some steps you can take to keep your electrical cords and your cat safe.

Add Coverings

Consider covering the exposed wires with PVC pipes. To further deter the cats from them, you can apply a coat of hot sauce or any other bitter or citrus material. Cats find anything with menthol very off-putting. You can dab a little VapoRub on the wires, and your cat will not come near it.  

Find Alternatives

Get your cat some alternative to chew on. Cats will often prefer chewing on cardboard instead of your wires. You can also get them some chew toys to gnaw and claw at.

Reduce Anxiety

This can be tricky, but your cat will thank you for it from the bottom of its heart. Many things might be triggering anxiety in your cats, such as a dirty litter box, moving houses, and even new equipment around the house. Consider getting rid of the anxiety triggers, or get your cat to familiarize yourself with new things, and you will reduce their anxiety-related chewing.

Final Thoughts

Chewing on electrical wires can be dangerous for your pet, the appliance that the wire is connected to, and even you risk touching it. It is essential to identify and eliminate the reason to prevent your pet from chewing on wires. It would be best if you also considered taking your pet to a vet for an examination to clear your pet of any underlying health issues.

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