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Here are Appliances That Can Trip Your Circuit Breaker

Appliances That Can Trip Your Circuit Breaker

It’s ironic how the power goes out at the times when you need it the most. However, it is not always the power that’s been cut off but the circuit breaker of your home’s electric system that has tripped. There are several reasons for circuit breaker tripping, but plugging in an appliance is the most common.

If you ever plug in an appliance and you see lights dimming or buzzing sounds before you hear a loud snap, it means the appliance has caused the circuit breaker to trip. But don’t worry, circuit breakers are meant to trip to protect your appliances from power surge or low voltage.

Now that you know why you’re out of power as soon as you plug in an appliance, let’s look at appliances that can trip your circuit breaker.

Appliances That Cause Circuit Breakers to Trip


As we increasingly find hassle in our daily lives, we are often short of time to do basic things, such as letting our hair dry naturally. Therefore, people turn to the hairdryer for an easy and quick fix. Hairdryers are available with varying wattage requirements from 800 to 3000. This is a high electricity consuming appliance that can trip the circuit breaker if plugged in a faulty outlet.

A hairdryer is a powerful appliance as it needs a significant load of energy to produce instant heat. If you have heavy energy-consuming machines running already, the hairdryer consumption can increase the power flow, causing the circuit breaker to trip.

Extension Cords

Don’t worry about extension cords tripping your circuit breaker. Well, because they don’t. Extension cords are extremely helpful tools for bringing power outlets close to you and plugging in multiple devices and machines. However, not all extension cords are made with high-quality materials that affect their load-bearing capabilities.

Even if you have a high-quality extension cord, there is always a limit to how many devices you can plugin. Phones, laptops, TVs, audio systems, gaming consoles, etc., are low-powered machines and do not strain the extension cord more than it can bear.

However, even a single high-power consuming appliance such as a washing machine or microwave can overpower the extension cord, resulting in tripped circuit breakers and fried-up extensions.

Old Appliances

Thankfully, the world is moving towards energy-efficient electric vehicles. Similarly, people are looking to buy energy-efficient home appliances to replace their old ones. That’s why inverter-based air-conditioning units and refrigerators are so popular.

Energy-efficient appliances save you a lot of money, provide long-lasting value, and reduce the chance of tripping your circuit breaker.


Iron is another electrical household appliance that is used almost daily. Since it requires generating a great deal of heat quickly, most irons need over 1000 watts to run. While some people are quick with the pressing, others are very particular about the creasing and lines on their clothes, taking longer and consuming more energy. People generally use their iron in their bedrooms or lounges. These rooms do not have as efficient and powerful outlets as the kitchen and restrooms do. When the heavy power-consuming irons are plugged in for long periods, they can increase the power flow of your house, resulting in tripped circuit breakers.


Unlike some of the items in this list, a refrigerator is an appliance found in every household. It’s a basic necessity we need to store our food to keep it from rotting and keep them cold or frozen. However, refrigerators are one of the highest electricity-consuming appliances in our home that can easily trip a circuit breaker if it malfunctions.

As mentioned earlier, old appliances put a heavy load on the power supply. Similarly, old refrigerators compressors get weak and suck more power to run. You will experience the breaker connected to your refrigerator’s electrical outlet frequently tripping if it’s too hot. The compressor is not strong enough to work efficiently and

relies on more power.

Several other appliances in your household can trip the circuit breaker due to overloading the power supplies. These include:

  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Microwaves
  • Washing Machines

Last Few Words

These are the appliances that can trip your circuit breaker. Golden Electrical Services understand that these are your valuables, and you want to protect them and your home at all costs from electrical hazards. Contact us at to know more about how you can protect your appliances and keep them from tripping the circuit breaker.

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