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Electrical Troubleshooting 101: Top Electrical Hazards and How to Fix Them

Several different-colored wires are left open and unprotected.

Have you ever gone back and forth trying to understand whether an electrical outlet is malfunctioning or not?

Electrical safety is of utmost importance, and you can’t ignore how dangerous unattended electrical hazards can become for property and its people. Whether you’re working in an office or home, electrical issues can come up anywhere.

As someone without electrical experience, you can’t assess or address different electrical hazards, making them twice as difficult to detect. However, you should be able to identify some common hazards so you can call a commercial electrician immediately when needed.

Here are some electrical hazards that everyone should know about.  

Damaged Wiring & Overloaded Circuits

Have you ever tried putting too many plugs and devices into one single circuit? While it may be convenient, it can pose a greater risk for you and everyone around you. Inadequate or incorrect wiring and overloaded circuits can cause short circuits, sparks, and even grow into larger electrical fires.

When a circuit or electrical outlet takes on more load than intended, it might spark, burst, or stop working entirely. It’s always great to call professional help to understand how your wiring works.

Exposed Electrical Parts

An open electrical box which different switches and wires on display.

Whether you’ve hung a temporary light, left a wire uncovered, or have just detached insulation on different wires, they are all cause of concern for anyone in the vicinity. These are major hazards and can be responsible for several electrical injuries that can easily be prevented. They can issue shocks, and burns, and even cause bigger incidents.

As soon as you see an uncovered electrical path, make sure to contact an electrical contractor to they can cover it up efficiently.

Damp Conditions

Using electrical products in a damp conditions can get you into a series of problems. Water can create a huge risk of electrocution and other damage. This is why it is better to hire professional help instead of doing it alone.

We Offer Commercial Electrical Maintenance in Philadelphia

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