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Electrical Noise: Various Causes And How To Avoid Effects

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Have you ever heard strange noises coming from your electronic equipment during the workday? Disharmonic sounds can be incredibly off-putting and can interfere with your employees’ concentration. This electromagnetic interference often disrupts the workflow of different measuring instruments as well, like sensors.

It’s important to keep your devices safe from electrical noise with the help of commercial electrical contractors near me. Here’s all you need to know:

Understanding electric noise

Disturbances in an electric flow can cause changes in the current or voltage, resulting in electric noise. This unwanted disturbance has a sporadic and random pattern that is difficult to foresee. After the electric noise has occurred, there’s usually a short and sudden increase of current or voltage. The electric noise doesn’t have a very high amplitude—it’s actually quite low, but it can cause a lot of damage to your devices if it’s not remedied on time.

Different types of electric noise

There are many different possible reasons for electrical noise in your device:

  • Thermal noise: This sound can’t be avoided since it directly relates to the electrical conductor’s electron flow. It’s related to temperature, bandwidth, and resistance, and is often seen as randomly occurring variations in the voltage.
  • Flicker noise: This noise usually occurs in most electronic devices due to generation noise, recombination, and impurities, usually in transistors. This signal has a spectrum of frequencies that slowly increase over time, along with a decrease in amplitude.
  • Shot noise: This noise is caused by random current fluctuations whenever electrons travel through a gap. The sound of an electron crossing a barrier produces a shot-like noise.
  • Burst noise: This noise is usually caused by imperfect semiconductors and represents current or voltage transitions.

How can you prevent it?

While some noises are unavoidable, there are certain ways to protect your equipment from avoidable electric noises while mitigating the unavoidable sounds. You can route your cables, properly ground your equipment, or add cable shielding. It’s best to consult a professional on the matter.

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