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Electrical Issues That Could Make or Break Your Home Sale

Home electrical systems

Generally, we don’t think much about our home electrical systems unless there is a short circuit or anything requiring extensive repair. Even when a bulb fuses or an electrical outlet sparks, our first attempt is to replace the affected part instead of deeper inspection to identify underlying causes. But if you plan to sell your home, these electrical issues can potentially make or break your home sale.

Electrical wires and insulation degrade over time which affects their effectiveness and can cause significant problems and threats for your home. Any buyer will observe the safety hazards in your home keenly, including the electrical issues that you must get resolved beforehand.

Flickering or Dimming Lights

Power surges and dips can cause your lights to flicker or dim. However, if your lights are doing either without the power surge, that indicates a problem within your electrical system. If your lights flicker or dim when you turn on an appliance, it means your electrical system is overloaded and is not capable enough of handling such load.

The problem might be limited to one area. However, it is best to call for an electrical inspection to resolve the issue to sell your home at a good value.

Burning Smells

Imagine having a potential buyer look around the house, and suddenly a burning smell takes hold at a certain place. There is no surprise that a burning smell is an immediate warning. These smells can come from a new appliance due to its paint or finish. However, burning smells are a definitive indicator of faulty wiring or a malfunctioning appliance in the area.

The burning smell can disappear shortly or can persist and get stronger. In any case, it is best to call an electrician and get it taken care of. Burning smells are a dangerous health hazard and can lead to significant damage if not handled timely.

Discolored Outlets & Switches

Burning smells lead to our next point: discolored outlets and switches. If the burning smell is coming from an electrical outlet, there is a high chance of faulty wiring behind that point. Faulty wiring causes small fires and sparks that leave brown and black marks on the outlets. Discolored outlets are not a good image for someone inspecting your home for purchase.

Unsafe Circuit Breaker Panel

All wiring runs through a circuit breaker panel that most people will want to see interested in your house. You can tell a lot about your home’s electrical system condition by your circuit breaker panel. An outdated panel with old block-like circuit breakers is usually a sign that your home’s wiring is under-powered. If there are other signs of damage, such as burn marks, it can leave a negative effect, stalling the buyer’s interest in your home.


GFCIs (ground-fault circuit interrupter) are electrical outlets in areas with excess moisture, such as the bathroom, kitchen, garage, laundry room, etc. These outlets have reset buttons for safety purposes if the outlets soak in too much moisture. However, if you don’t have GFCIs in these areas, the buyer might see your home as outdated and dangerous.

Tripping circuit breakers

Circuit breakers are there to protect your appliances and devices from a power surge or dip. Unfortunately, you can’t control the power surges, but take preventative measures to protect your valuables. The circuit breakers trip when the power fluctuates to an extreme level to cut off the electricity from reaching the outlets in your home.

However, if the circuit breakers start to trip too often, they have deteriorated and are no longer able to handle slight power changes. This mostly happens when you turn on a heavy appliance. You should call for an electrical inspection to protect your home from potential fires.

Outdated Wiring

Your home’s electrical system might have been running fine up till now with no signs of major threats or significant electrical repairs. However, the electrical system consists of components that degrade over time and underperform. They no longer meet your electrical needs and become a safety hazard for you and your family.

If your home is at least 20 years old, your electrical system needs an upgrade. Old homes have aluminum wiring, outdated fuse boxes, and other components that are red flags for any knowledgeable buyer.

Ending Note

You should look out for these signs before putting your house up for sale. The home electrical system is a significant safety concern for buyers. So the condition of these electrical matters can make or break your home sale. Golden Electrical Services have qualified electricians with several years of experience in residential sector services. Contact us at to have your home’s electrical system inspected and upgraded.

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