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Electrical Automation Systems – Good and Bad

Control your home with you smart device

Everything is about smartness these days. We have smart people, smart devices, and smart cars. We even have systems that can turn your regular home into a smart home. Won’t it be amazing if you could control everything in your house through a smartphone app?

Although this system is trendy, practical, and convenient, like all others, it comes with its fair share of pros and cons. To decide if investing in an automation system makes sense, let us look at what these systems have to offer.

What is an Electrical Automation System?

You must have seen or heard about automation systems by now. They allow a homeowner to control and monitor different fixtures and appliances using a smart device or a central panel, even when they are away from home.

Home automation systems often comprise multiple smart systems, which are integrated into a holistic system that can be controlled by a single platform. These systems can include:

  • Lighting
  • Cooling, heating, and ventilation
  • Irrigation
  • Window curtains and shades
  • Home entertainment systems
  • Door locks and security system

How much you are willing to spend can influence the degree of automation you can add to your home.

The Good in Home Automation Systems

We are used to getting everything done at the tap of a screen or a button. Like remote controls and apps, we expect our home systems to be responsive and practical with a high degree of customization and flexibility. This is precisely what a home automation system does; they give you the power to control and customize electrical appliances from the palm of your hand.

Save Power

You might wonder how they can save electricity when you need extra devices to ensure that your home automation system stays online. But the power it saves from other appliances far outweighs the power this system consumes.

  • The system can monitor outside temperatures and regulate the indoor temperature using the minimum energy. You will never be too hot or cold with the temperature maintained just right. This also saves you from blasting your air conditioner or heater at full power.
  • With timers and automatic modes, you can control when the automatic shades go up or down and when lights come on.
  • You can ensure that your devices are not drawing “phantom” power when in standby mode with smart power outlets.

Remotely Control Your Home

Imagine it has been a hot day and you are leaving work to go home. You think about the malicious traffic and then get home to find it baking hot. But with smart automation systems, you do not have to worry about the baking-hot home when you get there. You can quickly turn on the air conditioner using your smart device and close the automatic shades to make your home more welcoming.

Similarly, if you left the air conditioner on when you left home in the morning, you can easily switch it off remotely to help save on the electricity bill.

Control Everything Conveniently

All you need to do is learn how to use one app, and you will be well on your way to controlling everything by a few taps on your device. It adds a lot of conveniences as you can see exactly which lights and appliances are turned on.

You have had a long day, and as you get into bed. As you embark on the dreamland express, you remember that you used the oven today and are unsure if you turned it off. With smart automation, you can quickly check and even turn it off without having to get out of your cozy bed.  

The Downsides of Home Automation Systems

Technology comes at a price, and sometimes a hefty one. Home automation systems can be significantly expensive to purchase and install. But with the benefits they offer, we consider them more of an investment than an expense. Let us look at some downsides of automation systems.

Security Threats

If you invest in low-cost automation systems, they might not offer top-level security. Like other smart devices with online connectivity, home systems also can be hacked. So, if you notice lights turning on and off without your consent, make sure to check the automation system before deeming your house as haunted.

But with advanced systems, these threats are minimized, and efficient security protocols ensure no one else has access to your automation system.

Limited Compliance

Not all appliances and fixtures can be used with an automation system. In addition to installing a new system, you will need to replace many appliances with those that are compatible with the automatic system. Replacing all traditional devices with smart ones can quickly send the costs through the roof.

Last Few Words

Home automation systems come with many benefits but are also quite expensive. We believe that their prices are justified, especially considering the convenience they offer.

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