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Different Types Of Electrical Outlets And How They Work

An electrical outlet - Golden Electrical Services in Philadelphia
An electrical outlet

Turning on your TV, flipping on a light switch, or starting your microwave is an everyday task that you don’t think much about. A lot is going on behind your walls to make these things possible. Electricity is an essential part of your housing system, and understanding its inner workings can help you do simple things like testing your outlets or resetting your circuit breaker.

According to local residential electricians, here are some different types of electrical outlets that you should know:

15-Amp Duplex Receptacle

Most homes in the US have some combination of 120-volt, 20-amp, and 15-amp circuits. 15-amp circuits are supposed to be for lighting, while 20-amp circuits are usually dedicated circuits used for general-purpose receptacles. They’re daisy-chained together in most homes, usually in the living room area. Old homes tend to have receptacles and lights tied together—it’s not the safest way to incorporate outlets. Receptacles in the US have 2 slots and a U-shaped hole for grounding. These outlets are perfect for smaller appliances such as lamps.

20A Outlets

20A outlets are usually combined with 20A circuits to create a circuit for devices that need higher levels of power. If you use it properly according to its set purpose, your breaker shouldn’t trip. These outlets can handle a higher load, around 25% more than others. The breakers connected to these outlets are only going to trip if the circuit gets overloaded or if there’s a dead short. You can find 20A circuits in the laundry room or kitchen or maybe even in your garage—this is where the most power-hungry machinery and appliances are installed.

Switched Outlets

These outlets were initially used in the olden days to help save money when turning on lamps and lights. These days, you can find switched outlets for special instances, like Christmas light installations. This receptacle includes an on/off switch and an outlet—it’s handy for those times when you want to keep your device plugged in without having it on all the time.

 A plug and outlet

Get in touch with residential electricians near you

If you want to know more about different types of electrical outlets or have noticed any issues with your outlets, such as sparks, smoke, or loose plugs, it’s best to get in touch with a professional residential electrical contractor.

Golden Electrical Service has experienced electricians who can do a complete check-up of your home’s electrical system to ensure that everything’s up to date and in working order. We provide a wide range of commercial and residential electrical services in Philadelphia.

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