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Differences Between Residential Wiring vs. Commercial Wiring

Residential and commercial wiring in Philadelphia.

You might be surprised to find out that residential and commercial buildings have vastly different electric wiring systems. From the grade and quality of the material to the energy and load requirements, a variety of factors need to be considered when installing and designing an electrical system for a specific type of building. It’s important to hire the best electricians in Philadelphia to handle the job.

Wiring is like your building’s blood supply. Here’s how it differs between commercial and residential buildings:

Wire material

One of the biggest differences between commercial and residential wiring is its material. Wiring in homes is usually placed in the crawl space or attic, and it needs to be covered by a strong sheath of plastic, such as PVC. This protects the inhabitants from electrical shocks in case of direct or indirect contact.

However, the electrical wiring in commercial buildings is in a more easily accessible area. It’s held inside tubs to keep people safe.


Aesthetics and safety are two of the most important things in residential buildings. Therefore, wires and electrical systems are usually tucked away in crawl spaces and attics. However, it can be a bit difficult to access them during emergencies.

When it comes to commercial buildings, aesthetics aren’t that important. Electricians need to access the wiring without additional effort or expenses to quickly address any issues and make the necessary upgrades.

Phase design and load capacity

Normally, you won’t require a lot of electrical power in your home, which is why residential buildings usually use single-phase wires—ground, neutral, and hot.

Commercial buildings have more demanding requirements for power and operate on a three-phase design. This allows different phases to work together to meet the occupant’s high demand.

Proper insulation

Both residential and commercial buildings need to keep themselves safe and protect themselves from electrical fires. However, commercial wiring uses a different type of insulation since it operates at a significantly higher voltage. Usually, it’s coated with nylon to resist heat and corrosion.

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