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Are You Following this Fire Safety Checklist?

Fire Safety Checklist

Electrical issues are one of the major reasons for home fires. According to the U.S. Fire Department, there are an estimated 24,200 fires in houses due to electrical malfunctioning. Since electricity is a vital resource in our daily lives, it poses more risk for fires in your home. However, electrical fires can be prevented by ensuring you follow this fire safety checklist.

This guide mentions the common sources of electrical fires and what measures you can take to avoid them.

What Causes Electrical Fires?

You must look out for the following factors to reduce the risk of fire in your home.

Faulty Wiring

Your home’s wiring can degrade over time, and the components will start to underperform. The wiring behind the sockets can become loose, causing sparks, burning smells, and burn marks on the outlet. Besides that, rodent activity can also cause the sockets to spark. Rodents chew on wires and leave them exposed. In any case, faulty wiring is a safety hazard for your home that should be addressed instantly.

Overloading Power Strips

Power strips are a convenient tool to extend the power points to your place of comfort. On the other hand, you might use a power strip because you have fewer electrical outlets due to bad wiring. However, growing reliance on power strips can also cause electrical fires in your home.

You can plug multiple cords into your power strip, but there is a limit to the load the electrical outlet can bear. The power strip will likely fail if you plugin too many heavy appliances, leading to a short circuit.

Outdated Wiring

The electrical system in your home is meant to deteriorate. If your home is decades old or moved into an old home, the electrical system is likely outdated and has more safety hazards than any other factor in this list. Old electrical systems are not meant to support today’s technological needs. They can damage your appliances beyond repair.

Outdated Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are the most crucial part of an electrical system. They are responsible for cutting off the power supply in case of a power surge or dip. This keeps the heightened fluctuation from damaging your appliances and a potential short circuit that can cause a massive house fire. Outdated or worn-out circuit breakers are incapable of dealing with the power surge that can cause a significant electrical failure of your home and a threat of home fire.

Malfunctioning Appliances

Did you know that you should never use an appliance near water, let alone if you have accidentally spilled liquid over it? Electricity and liquid have been long-term enemies. You can only imagine things going wrong if they meet. If the appliance is placed near the socket, the slightest sparks can cause a short circuit in your home.

Besides that, you should also be wary of frying, pinched, or pierced cords. If exposed to excessive moisture or water, these could lead to a severe fire.

Unattended Cooking

Unattended cooking is also a common reason for home fires. A gas leak can cause a major explosion. Besides that, deep-frying into a wok often results in the flame catching on the oil. While these are not electrical issues that can cause a fire, they require an electrical solution to avoid the fire, which we discuss below.

How Can I Avoid Electrical Fires?

You can eliminate the most common factors of a home fire by following this fire safety checklist.

1. Install Smoke Alarms. Smoke alarms are the most basic yet must-have equipment to avoid fires due to electrical malfunctioning, unattended cooking, or gas issues.

2. Have Frequent Electrical Inspection. This will help you detect any problem with your electrical system. Whether in the front or deep inside the wiring, Golden Electrical Services’ electricians will drill down deep to detect your electrical matters and suggest optimum solutions.

3. Upgrade Your Electrical Systems. An electrical inspection will let you know if you need to upgrade your system. However, it would be best to take this measure to avoid possible inconveniences proactively.

4. Replace Faulty Appliances. Electrical appliances are meant to wear out after a certain period. You should replace them if they have started providing more trouble than value.

5. Don’t Overload Power Strips. If you have run out of electrical outlets or don’t have where you need it the most, overloading power strips will only result in electrical failure. You should contact an electrical service to have more outlets installed to distribute the power supply equally.

6. Install a Carbon Monoxide Alarm. Carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas from stoves, heaters, firewood, and coal. It can be very harmful to humans and poses a life-endangering threat. You can avoid that by installing carbon monoxide alarms in your home.

Hire an Electrician Today

This list is a proven way to avoid home fires due to the reasons mentioned above. However, taking care of everything on the list can be hard work. The electricians are Golden Electrical Services qualified, trained, and extremely fond of the fire safety checklist. Contact us at and let us take care of everything on this list for your home.

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