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8 Questions to Ask Before You Hire an Electrician

Hire an electrician

Whether you want to upgrade your lighting system or get your circuit breakers rewired, finding an electrician is more than just getting reasonable rates. The electrical components of you’re a source of comfort and luxury, but they also pose several safety hazards. Therefore, you should only hire an electrician after interviewing them thoroughly.

For several years, Golden Electrical Services has had electricians working in various sectors and fields. Still, we recommend that you ask the following questions from an electrical service provider before you let them take charge of your home for several hours.

Are You Licensed?

You can find thousands of electricians, but not all of them are licensed. Professional electricians require a license by the state’s Electrical Division to offer their services. Licensed electricians are educated and qualified, and they do everything by the book. By verifying the electrician is licensed, you can be at peace that your home is in good hands.

Are You Insured and Bonded?

Electricians insurance is understandably one of the most important things you should ask before hiring an electrician. Given the nature of electricity work, it only takes a fraction of a second before anything goes wrong. However, any damage regarding the property or an injury is covered by the electrician’s public liability insurance.

Besides that, you should also ask for the surety bond. A surety bond is an agreement between the electrical service provider, the surety company, and the electrical division of the state. This ensures that you get paid back if the electrician fails to perform their duty and cannot fix the problem.

Can You Share Contactable References?

Even if you hire a highly reputed company, there is nothing more reliable than the first-hand review by other customers. You have all the right to ask the electricians for references that you can contact to ask about their quality of work, any problems they might have faced, and their communication.

You can also ask how much the electrician charged them to know whether you get fair rates. References are an extremely reliable source when hiring a service provider, especially when it’s about trusting a stranger with your home’s electric matters.

What Kind of Training and Experience Do You Have?

Electricians have several types of certifications based on their training and experience. You might get flat rates for a master electrician or journeyman electrician. However, you can ask them about their training. The lesser the training, the lesser rates you will have to pay. Also, the level of electrician you need depends on the project’s complexity. This will guarantee that you get the service required and don’t pay for it more than you should.

Who Will Perform the Work?

Most repairs and maintenance works are usually solo jobs for the electrician. However, work at a broader scale demands the electricians to have sub-contractors. You should ask all the details about this before the electrician brings in more workers than you were prepared for. Besides that, it is not always necessary for the person you talk to to perform the task. Therefore, you should ask them:

  • Will there be any subcontractors?
  • If yes, how many?
  • Have you worked with the team you will bring along? If yes, for how long?
  • Does your liability insurance cover subcontractors?

Are Permits or Inspections Needed?

Permits and inspections are usually required for larger projects. The city inspector carries out these items. Typically, electricians get the permit and inspection, and the bill is incurred in the total costs. These items are essential safeguards for homeowners. So it would be best if you asked your electrician whether he will be looking after them.

What Is Your Expected Work Schedule?

Since the electrician you hire will be working on a contract basis, they can have other jobs going on simultaneously. Hence, they will have to keep their hours flexible to fit you in their schedule. Besides that, your project’s complexity and scale also decide the electrician’s work hours. Before hiring them, you should ask about:

  • What will be the project timeline?
  • What will be the electrician’s schedule?
  • What will happen if there are delays?

What Type of Guarantee/Warranty Do You Offer?

There is always a risk of the problem persisting or recurring after the electrician leaves. You should ask them about the guarantee or warranty of their work and how they process if the problem recurs after the team leaves home.

Looking for Professional Electricians?

Electricity is an integral part of your daily life. You will want most of the electrical problems in your home to get fixed instantly. However, that doesn’t mean you should settle for an electrician. Asking these questions guarantees that you hire an electrician that you deserve.

At Golden Electrical Services, we value our customers in the highest regard. Our team of licensed electricians has robust training and years of experience in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Contact us at to hire the best electricians in town.

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