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4 Ways To Save Energy This Winter

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Winter is one of the best seasons to enjoy—from playing in the snow to relaxing by the fireside; there’s so much this season offers! Unfortunately, you also have to face higher electricity bills because of the increased energy usage. Here are some ways to save energy in the winter, according to a professional electric company in Philadelphia.

Insulate your pipes

Proper pipe insulation will reduce the amount of heat that’s lost from your home’s pipes, keeping the water hotter for longer periods of time. This will help you reduce the amount of energy used for heating water. Pipe insulation consists of a tube of foam that covers the pipes running between the boiler and the hot water cylinder. Just get the right size according to your pipes, and slip it around to protect your pipes from the cold.

Replace your boiler

Does your old boiler take forever just to heat up a little bit of water? Older versions are quite inefficient compared to modern boilers—it’s best to find a replacement if your boiler is 10 years old or more. Now you can enjoy hot showers without any guilt!

Weatherize your home

Home weatherization is an important part of preparing for winter. It involves sealing any air leaks and adding insulation to prevent the hot air from leaving your home. Air infiltration causes chilly drafts near doors and windows—with a proper home energy assessment, you’ll be able to locate and seal any leaks around light fixtures, wires, chimneys, and vents.

Turn down the thermostat

A room thermostat can prevent your home from getting too warm. It automatically turns the heating on until the room has reached your desired temperature and then turns itself off until the room gets colder again. Set your thermostat to the lower possible temperature at which you’d feel comfortable. Remember, you don’t need to turn your thermostat up just because it’s colder outside! Your house will get heated either way.  

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Consult an electrical specialist in Philadelphia

Sometimes, your inefficient electrical system might increase in higher energy bills. If you want to save energy in winter efficiently, it’s best to ask a professional electrician to come and take a look at your electrical system. Golden Electrical Service has professional and highly-trained commercial and residential electricians who can help you out! We provide a wide variety of residential and commercial electrical and emergency services across Philadelphia.

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