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4 Different Types Of Light Bulbs

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You use lights every day of your life—in fact, around 20-50% of electricity consumption in businesses is because of lighting. However, every building and homeowner has unique requirements, and it’s important to assess your needs before installing a specific type of lightbulb. According to a residential electrician company, here’s all you need to know:

Incandescent lamp

When it comes to lamps, it can’t get much simpler than the incandescent lamp. This standard light bulb is the predecessor of all light bulbs. It incorporates a straightforward design and minimal parts. All types of lightbulbs can only light up when the electrical circuit is complete—incandescent lamps include two contact points that power the bulb once it’s connected to some sort of power source. After the bulb connects with the fixture, electricity runs along the metal wire and heats up the tungsten filament to produce light. The bulb itself is filled with argon or any other inert gas to keep the filament from combusting.

Halogen lamp

Halogen light bulbs, also known as halogen lamps, are incandescent lamps that use halogen gas to improve the bulb’s lifespan and light output. They’re highly efficient and have great lighting quality. Many commercial facilities and households can benefit from halogen lamps because of their high-rated life. From headlights to industrial lights, they’re a great option for a lot of devices.

Tube fluorescent light

Compared to incandescent bulbs, fluorescent light bulbs are a lot costlier because of their long lifespan. While they’re a great source of lighting, they’re not dimmable and can start blinking with age, requiring a change.

LED light bulb

LED light bulbs use light-emitting diodes to create light. It’s become an extremely popular choice for both household and commercial use, and its uses are constantly evolving. LED bulbs can usually be found in night lamps, under cabinet fixtures, and in recessed lighting. These energy-efficient and environmentally friendly bulbs don’t contain any filament, so they don’t lose heat like traditional lamps. The complexity of LED bulbs makes them a bit more expensive to purchase up front, but they’ll pay off over time through higher energy savings.

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