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4 Common Electrical Hazards In A Home

Electrical Hazards In A Home - Golden Electrical Services in Philadelphia
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Electrical accidents can be rather serious and should not be taken lightly—from nasty shocks to raging house fires, it’s best to keep yourself aware of any potential hazards that can cause issues in the future. Even if there aren’t any accidents, hidden issues in your electrical system can wear your devices down over time.

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Poor or outdated wiring

According to the National Fire Prevention Association, one of the top causes of house fires is faulty wiring. It’s important to minimize the risk of having faulty wiring by getting a professional electrician to check the wiring in your home every couple of years in case it needs to be replaced or repaired. If your home’s wiring is more than thirty years old, you should have it inspected every year.

If you witness any flickering or dimming lights, warm or sparking outlets, or tripping breakers, it’s probably time to replace your home’s wiring.

Appliances plugged in near a water source

If an appliance that is plugged in gets wet, make sure that you don’t pull the plug. Shut down the main power source from your home’s electrical panel box before unplugging the appliance and hiring a professional to inspect it.

It’s important to unplug any appliances that aren’t being used to reduce any chances of someone getting shocked. GFCI outlets can also minimize any risks of electrocution or shock since they immediately cut the power off.

Light bulbs with the wrong wattage

If your lamp has a high wattage bulb, it might overload the wiring, causing a fire. Avoid this common safety hazard by using light bulbs with a lower wattage than the lamp’s socket. If you feel that your lights are too dim, you can replace them with higher wattage ones.

Unprotected electric outlets

Young children and toddlers are ruled by their curiosity—no amount of scolding can stop them from putting their fingers or other objects into an outlet if they really want to try it out. However, it can lead to them getting electrocuted, shocked, or burned. You can protect young children by using special plastic closures that cover any outlets within their reach.

Wires and plugs

Get in touch with an electrical specialist in Philadelphia

It’s best to get a professional residential electrician from Golden Electrical Service to come over to your house and make sure that it is free from any hazards. We can also provide any maintenance, installation, or fixing work throughout the week! Our emergency commercial and residential electrical services are here to keep you safe in the event of a hazard.

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