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4 Benefits Of LED Lighting For Commercial Applications

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LED lighting has become the ultimate solution for most homeowners and has already been a part of the industry standard in commercial settings for a long time. Whether you have a retail store, factory, or office space, there are many ways that you can benefit from LED lighting.

This new and improved option for commercial lighting can help you maximize your workspace functionality, efficiency, and profit. According to commercial electricians, here’s why you should make the switch to LED bulbs in your commercial space:


If you want to cut down on your energy bills, LED bulbs are the way to go. LED fixtures have low maintenance costs and high efficiency. This means that you need less energy to light up your space the same amount as traditional light bulbs. While the initial cost is still slightly higher, these bulbs quickly give you a huge return on your investment and can turn into a positive cash flow for your business.

No warmup time

A traditional bulb can take around 15 minutes to warm up to its full power. LED lighting doesn’t take any time to shine at full power, making it easier for your business to start its day and continue its processes without having to worry about your lights.


LED lighting is extremely versatile—you can use LED lights in almost any industrial or commercial setting. Whether you have a manufacturing plant, art gallery, or a simple office, commercial LED lights can help illuminate your business and make it safer for your employees and customers.

Tax benefits and incentives

There are many government and utility rebates and incentives for switching to LED lighting. Section 179 is a national tax deduction that applies to this type of lighting.

Your business might even get PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) financing for water pumps, heating, cooling, and lighting. Any business that wants to become more energy-efficient can qualify for this financing opportunity.

Hire skilled commercial electricians in your area

Every business needs the help of an experienced electric service company that can help them smoothen out any kinks in the electric system. If you’re looking for professional electrical contractors in Philadelphia, Golden Electrical Service has got you covered! From installing LED lights to maintaining your switchboards, we can do it all. Our commercial and residential electricians are friendly, skilled, and reliable.

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