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3 Ways to Prevent Short Circuits in the Office

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One of the main reasons for electrical accidents is short circuits. Short circuits occur when a low-resistance path receives a higher level of electrical current. The high-volume currents can damage wires and result in a catastrophic electrical fire in the said property.

Short circuits can damage your appliances and electrical wiring and cause other electrical problems in a property. Even though a person can never immediately detect if there is a risk of a short circuit, you can always hire an electrical specialist or prevent short circuits in your office in these ways.

Check Outlets Before Heavy Use

Damaged, broken, or wobbly electrical outlets can cause a short circuit in no time. Before plugging in heavy machinery, or high-volume electronics, you must assess the condition of your outlet. If you feel it is broken, unreliable, or is getting heated up fairly quickly, you can immediately notify a commercial electrical maintenance team to help you out.

Schedule an Inspection Annually

An electrical specialist checking electric boxes, outlets, and more.

Have you ever experienced a short circuit suddenly without even realizing the signs? This happens when you don’t know what you’re looking for. A layperson won’t be able to identify if a plug or a wire was incorrectly placed, which could result in a short circuit.

Subsequently, you must carry out annual inspections to check out electrical boards, plugs, wiring, and other aspects to ensure whether or not your office is safe from short circuits. These annual inspections can make your workplace more efficient.

Perform Basic Circuit Maintenance

Inspections aren’t enough. You will also need an electrical contractor to maintain all your circuits, electric boards, and outlets. These maintenance services will also include replacing old and damaged wires and outlets.

Unchecked circuits can cause sparks within the electric board, cause power outages, increase the risk of electric shocks, and cause catastrophic office fires.

Hire Us for Commercial Electrical Installation services in Philadelphia

A workspace is crowded with people, and you can’t risk having a short circuit turn into an electrical fire. So, are you looking for someone to help you protect your office? Golden Electrical Service has got you covered!

We’re an experienced commercial electrician company in Philadelphia that provides top-notch commercial and residential electrical repair services on an emergency basis. For more information about our services and talented electricians, you can contact us today.

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