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3 Types of Electrical Wiring in Commercial Buildings

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Every commercial building requires a robust electrical wiring system to handle heavy-duty machinery, office equipment, and various electronics. Every building requires a different type of commercial wiring system appropriate for its specific functions and requirements.

If you’re looking for installing electrical wiring in your commercial building, you’re in the right place. Here are three main types of electrical wiring methods that are best suited for commercial buildings.

The NM Cable

Commonly known as “Romex,” the NM cable or the non-metallic cable is specifically designed for dry locations and is commonly used in Type V commercial spaces. The NM cable comprises more than two individual wires sheathed in a plastic cover.

This type of cable consists of a “hot” or a current-carrying wire, a ground wire, and a neutral wire. The conductor wires are covered with white and black insulation. These cables come in a flat tubular shape and can be installed through ceilings, floor cavities, or the walls of a building.

The UF Cable

A bunch of gray wires.

The UF cable is a non-metallic cable that is specifically designed for direct burial in the ground or wet locations. This cable is generally used in outdoor fixtures and is a bit costlier than NM cables.

The UF cable typically comes in a gray color that looks like the standard NM sheathed cable. The primary difference between the two is that the NM cable consists of wires wrapped with a plastic sheath and paper, whereas the UF cable is closed in solid plastic. This encasement is necessary to protect each individual wire from each other and also safeguard it from any external elements like moisture.

The Coaxial Cable

Even though the coaxial cable is becoming obsolete, it is still a standard for cable operators and internet companies.

This jacketed cable consists of an inner copper conductor covered with a tubular layer of insulation and another tubular layer of braided wire. It is often made with black and white insulation and has a round shape that distinguishes it from the NM circuit cable.

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