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3 Advantages Of Smart Bulbs Over Regular LED Bulbs

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Everything seems to be getting smarter lately—from water bottles to refrigerators; there are many improvements in technology. One of the easiest ways to make your home or commercial building more efficient is to install smart bulbs. These impressive bulbs might look the same as traditional light bulbs but have incredible features, like giving you more control over your electricity consumption and usage.

According to electrical contractors in Philadelphia, here’s what makes smart bulbs better than LED bulbs:

Remotely controllable

A smart bulb can help you enjoy the flexibility and convenience of controlling the lighting from anywhere—whether you’re working on a late-night project, lying in bed, or vacationing a few countries away. You can turn your light off and on no matter where you are in the world.

Just open the associated app and tap around on your phone until you achieve your desired results. This is an incredibly helpful feature for when you don’t want to get up just to adjust your lighting and make it seem like you’re at your house while you’re away.

Group control

With normal light bulbs, you’re forced to go from room to room to check if any light has been left on before you leave your house or tuck yourself in for bed. Smart bulbs make the process less tedious through a convenient option for group control. You can turn the whole house’s lights off with one tap of your finger! You can also change the levels of brightness simultaneously—no need to configure each bulb individually.

Ability to change the light color, temperature, and brightness

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a room’s aesthetics. Smart bulbs make it easier to change your light’s dimness without purchasing dimmer switches, dimmable transformers, and dimmable bulbs. You can use an app to change your light’s temperature, color, and brightness to suit your mood. Whether you’re taking an evening nap, watching a show, or reading a book, you can customize your surroundings instantly.

Different colored lights are great for decreasing eye strain and improving sleep quality. They also make it much easier to decorate your home for special events!

Multiple plugs

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