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3 Electrical Safety Tips For The Winter Season

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According to the National Fire Protection Agency, one of the main types of home fires in the US is an electrical fire. Around half of those include equipment such as stationary or portable space heaters. We understand the desire to stay warm and cozy as the weather cools down, but it’s important to avoid any hazards and to keep yourself and your family safe.

According to professional residential and commercial electricians in Philadelphia, here’s how you can reduce the risk of an electrical hazard this winter:

Don’t plug your space heater into a power strip or extension cord

A space heater uses a very high current, which isn’t optimal for a power strip or extension cord. A current overload can cause your power strip to burn, melt, or catch on fire. The best option is to plug your space heater into a well-fitted wall outlet. Try not to plug any other electrical device into that outlet.

Space heaters put out a large amount of heat that can cause sofas and other furniture to burn. Leave at least three feet of empty space around your heater at all times, and make sure that you don’t place it on any surface that might overheat and catch on fire, such as a carpet, table, or cabinet. Place your space heater on a level, flat surface that isn’t likely to overheat, like hardwood floors or tiles.

Don’t overload your outlets

To avoid overloading your electrical outlets, make sure that you don’t plug multiple high-wattage decorations into a single wall outlet. This tends to be a common cause of fires during the holiday season. Make sure you use a surge protector along with your Christmas tree lights to avoid any voltage spikes, which might burn out all the lights on the tree.

Keep your electrical cords safe

A power strip or electrical cord hidden under a rug or furniture can spark and start an electric fire. Don’t place your electrical cords in any area that’s within a child’s or pet’s reach. Use plastic caps to cover the outlets to keep your loved ones safe.

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Hire a professional residential electrician to inspect your electrical system

Frequent electrical system inspections can help you keep up-to-date with the changing times and requirements of the electrical devices in your home and make sure that everything is working as it should be. If you’re looking for an experienced residential electrical contractor to inspect your home or office building’s electrical system, Golden Electrical Service has got you covered! We provide reliable residential and commercial electrical services in Philadelphia at affordable prices.

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